“Garni” lotion is used against the hair loss and baldness.

Application method and duration

To apply on dry skin, preferably in the evening. Recommended for everyday use, 1-2 ml of lotion once a day (1 ml corresponds to 5 sprayings), doesn’t require an immediate rinsing after the usage. Apply during 4-8 weeks. If needed, the course should be repeated in 2 months. For effectiveness increase it’s recommended to wash hair with baby shampoo or other means not containing any aggressive components and harmful coloring agents during the application of the lotion.

Special precautions:

The use during pregnancy and lactation is possible if the potential benefit to the patient outweighs the risk to the fetus/child. The application of the lotion against hair loss among children up to 15 years old is not recommended due to the absence of application experience. Lotion is designed for external use only. In case of an accidental contact with the mucous membrane of eyes, carefully flush eyes with water.

Hair loss causes

Hair loss causes are distinguished as Exogenous (external) and Endogenous (internal) ones. Endogenous causes – hormonal status changes, autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases, feeding disorder, including avitaminosis, genetic predisposition, disbacteriosis and others. Exogenous causes – stresses, physical, chemical, infectious, radiological injuries of the scalp, physical overexertion, unfavorable ecological factors, side effects of some medicines and others.

How to fight

GARNI vegetable lotion against the hair loss and baldness  is prepared according to an old unique recipe which comprises extracts of medical herbs from the ecologically pure zones – nettle, juniper, hop, bur, wormwood and beggar-ticks.

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