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    A Brief Review

    Preparation of the GARNI Natural Serum is based on the medieval.
    Armenian medical manuals where detailed descriptions of the medicinal properties of different plants can be found.
    By studying these recipes preserved through medieval medicine, specialists of Armen Pharm LLC were able to prepare GARNI Natural Serum designed for Fine to Thinning Hair.



    GARNI Natural Serum is prepared according to an old, unique recipe, which is comprised of extracts from medicinal herbs found in the ecologically pure zone of Armenia – nettle, juniper, hops, burdock, wormwood, and beggar-ticks.


    Action mechanism

    With its unique composition, GARNI Natural Serum is used for Fine to Thinning Hair.

    • Strengthens hair roots and nourishes the scalp. 

    Application method and duration

    Recommended for daily use; 1-2ml of lotion (equal to 5 sprays) once a day. Does not require to be rinsed immediately following application. Recommended use for 4-8 weeks.



    GARNI Natural Serum has received the following certifications: