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    GARNI Natural Serum is prepared according to an old unique recipe, which comprises extracts of medical herbs from the ecologically pure zone of Armenia – nettle, juniper, hop, bur, wormwood and beggar-ticks

    Nettle (Urtica)

    Nettle tinctures and decoctions are known to prevent and stop hair loss. It is applied to fight against seborrhea oleosa. Nettle contains many vitamins (A, C, K, B1, B2, & B3) and microelements (copper, iron & calcium). Recent studies have revealed that the nettle leaves contain 5-alpha reductase phyto-inhibitors. As a result of the nettle tincture application, hair becomes luxuriant and shiny.


    Juniper berries contain essential oils, organic acids, vegetable resin, and sugar. Due to its acidic characteristics, juniper also has a disinfectant impact. Currently, it’s used for the treatment of urogenital system inflammatory diseases, bronchitis, as well as treatment for baldness and to strengthen and promote hair growth.



    Hops contains resin, valeric acid, humulene alkaloid, and essential oils. In cosmetology, hop cones are used to assist in the strengthening of the hair. It has the ability to restore the fat balance of the hair and scalp, improve the skin metabolism, and prevent the appearance of dandruff and hair loss.



    Burdock contains fructooligosaccharide, essential oils, polyacetylene, polyphenol, and systerol. It is applied to help fight against fatty scalp, itch, and dandruff. Burdock strengthens hair to prevent it from falling out and stimulates growth. In folk medicine, it’s used in the form of tinctures and decoctions, and as an external remedy for treating skin diseases and baldness.



    Wormwood is known to contain a bluish-green essential oil, bitter glycosides absintin and anabsintin, resin, carotene, vitamin C, succinic acid, isovaleric acid, acetic acid, and malic acid. The plant has a long history of application in the sphere of medicine and is used for hair strengthening.



    Beggar-ticks contains carotenoids, ascorbic acid, essential oils and microelements, especially manganin. In pharmaceutics, beggar-ticks is used in the form of tinctures and decoctions. It normalizes metabolism, functioning of the cardio-vascular system, has a bactericidal property, and is used in the treatment for baldness.